EP Energy E&P Company, L.P.’s relationship with our interest owners is an integral part of our business. We understand how important your ownership is to you, and we believe that communication is critical to maintaining a good relationship. The goal of our Owner Relations team is to provide all owners with a high level of service. We are committed to answering inquiries in a professional, timely, and accurate manner.

Online check detail and gas balancing system

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How do I contact EP Energy E&P Company, L.P.?

Phone: 713-997-1200
Hours: Mon-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT

When you call this number you will hear the following options. Your selection will direct your call to the appropriate department. Please select the number that best identifies the reason for your call.

Option (1) Questions regarding royalty payments, working interest payments, division order issues, problems regarding checks not arriving as expected, information for a change of address, and information or questions regarding your 1099.

Option (5) Questions regarding Unclaimed Property Letter or Escheat

Option (6) Questions regarding Joint Interest Billing Invoices or Statements

Option (7) Oil & Gas Lease payments, Shut In payments, or Bank Drafts

Please have your Owner Number/Business Associate Number ready (an eight digit hyphenated number located at the bottom left hand corner of your revenue check detail). If our analysts are busy assisting other owners please leave a message including your name, owner number, phone number, and a brief message regarding the reason for your call. An Analyst will call you back the same day or within 48 hours.

Email: ownerrelations@epenergy.com

Facsimile: 713-997-3839

EP Energy E&P Company, L.P.
Attention: Owner Relations Department
P.O. Box 4660
Houston, TX 77210-4660

Change of Ownership

Changes in marital status

If your name has changed due to marriage or divorce, please provide us with a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree (first page and signature pages). If your address has also changed, please provide your new address as well, using the address change form.

If the property has been divided by the divorce decree, the full decree is required and must be accompanied by a recorded conveyance document covering the property involved. Please see our policy on transfer requirements.

Address changes

For your royalty checks to be issued timely by EP Energy E&P Company, L.P. and delivered timely by the U.S. Postal Service, EP Energy E&P Company, L.P. must be notified in writing of all changes of address as soon as possible. A postal forwarding order is insufficient and will result in royalty checks being returned to EP Energy E&P Company, L.P. and your account suspended.

Click here for an Address Change Form. Please be sure to include all owner numbers. Additionally, if the owner on record is listed as more than one individual, signature is required by each and every person listed. Click here for a Joint Owner Address Change Form.

Changes will be made effective as soon as possible upon receipt by EP Energy E&P Company, L.P.. However, changes must be received by EP Energy E&P Company, L.P. by the 18th of the month to ensure the change for that month’s check.

Check detail statement explanation

Frequently asked questions

Please understand that we will only answer inquiries from the individual(s) whose name(s) appear on the account or the owner’s legally recognized agent. This is to protect the confidentiality of information regarding your account.